Tanya Tier

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious"
Albert Einstein

My practice has been concerned with the illusion of science and how we respond to what we perceive as the real world and the possibility of others.

I'm interested in how we would deal with the strangeness of things brought back from an environment we cannot comprehend, and why we find the unexplainable and ambiguous compelling. There seems to be a human need to capture and contain the essence of something mysterious – even though we don’t know what we are truly looking at.

The desire which prompts these actions has led me to consider our cultural views on value and beauty, and how the significance which we bestow on an object or person can change its impact. While exploring the relationship between reality and fiction, I am also taking a cynical look at the how easily our society is culturally manipulated. It makes me wonder how our species and its absurd rituals might be interpreted by those who discover the remnants of our modern civilisations long after we’re gone.

Tanya Tier

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